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"Taking care of the people around you and providing a space for intellectual growth; that core message of St. John's is going to be St. John's forever."

Since 1946, St. John’s School has been encouraging dedicated students to study, inquire, play, and thrive. Combining accomplishments in academics, athletics, and the arts with selfless service, St. John’s students join and continue our tradition of action, distinction, and service on and off campus. Offering students a supportive environment filled with possibility and fun, we celebrate their lives of discovery, and delight in seeing their successes here in Houston and beyond.




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The St. John’s community fosters life-long learners. In our dynamic classrooms, students develop skills to think critically and creatively in an atmosphere that promotes determination and resilience through healthy challenge and loving support. St. John’s well-rounded academic program encourages students to pursue their intellectual interests without limits—surrounded by a passionate faculty and a stimulating environment.

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Athletics at St. John’s School are an integral part of the School’s educational program. Each scholar athlete is encouraged to compete honorably and with integrity. As in academics, the athletic program provides powerful opportunities for students to strive for excellence, to deal courageously with adversity, and to learn how to live within and grow beyond their limitations. At all levels, the athletic program teaches the value of hard work to achieve meaningful goals, with attention given to skill development, conditioning, and fitness.

Fine Arts

St. John’s believes that education is strengthened by the study and practice of the arts, which are essential to the School’s mission. We use arts exploration and training to develop our students’ full potential intellectually, physically, and emotionally. As our students imagine, create, and perform, they acquire knowledge and skills that will help prepare them for a lifetime of personal fulfillment and dynamic contributions to society.

Student Life

At St. John’s students of all ages and beliefs feel safe to explore the many dimensions of their developing personalities and interests. Whether it’s in attending chapel, serving the needs of others, or experiencing the environment and cultures outside the classroom—there is opportunity to sample diverse experiences that bring out individual talents and share unique experiences together. These are the moments that define our school spirit. With a multitude of extracurricular activities, clubs, and creative outlets, students seek out their personal niche and a place to carve their own sense of Maverick spirit—putting their stamp on this vibrant student body.

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